Ravioli with black pudding, mushrooms and crème fraîche

Tiger prawns marinated in garlic and white wine with butter toast

Challah with asparagus, smoked salomon and bernaise sauce


Chanterelle soup with potatoes and fresh parsley

Traditional chicken broth with homemade noodles

Vegan red lentil cream with freshly cut coriander

Pink cooler with raspberries and jerked pork

Spicy tomato cream with roasted peppers and freshly cut coriander

Old Polish sour rye soup with white sausage and egg


Spinach with grilled courgettes, pistachos and crème fraîche

Salad mix with grilled chicken, dried tomatoes and Caesar sauce


Salad of fresh blanched seasonal vegetables with lemon vinaigrette


Main Course

Salomon steak with lemon sauce on rice with spinach and caramelized carrtos

Pepper steak with special potato on vegetable bars with pepper sauce

Bone-in pork chop with simmered cabbage with smoked bacon, bacon and onion mashed potatoes

Chicken sous-vide on blanched vegetables with cheese sauce

Beef cheeks with truffle purèe and beetroot ratatouille

Venison dumplings served with melted smoked lardons with crème fraiche

Lamb chops with port wine sauce, mashed potatoes and grilled courgettes

Home made pasta with chicken and chanterelle with white wine and parmesan cheese

Vegetable ratatouille with teriyaki sauce

Kids Menu

Tomato noodle soup

Chicken broth with noodles and carrots

Chicken nuggets with French fries and fresh seasonal vegetable salad

Blueberry dumplings 5 pcs.

Pancakes with chocolate, fresh fruit and whipped cream


Apple and berry pie with blueberry sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Chocolate soufflé with cherries and vanilla ice cream

Sponge cake with cranberries, vanilla ice cream and tan Italian meringue

Nutella and mascarpone cake with caramel and berry sauce

Ice cream with hot cherries